Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why am I doing this?

Yesterday and today I've been watching the first 16 little movies on www.beginnersphp.co.uk. I understand the things I've been learning there, but what do I need it for?? Well, at least I know the PHP basics now. If I want to watch more movies I have to pay for it :'( and I won't do that... such a pity, because it was such a great tutorial!! Really clear and step by step.

I'm working on a new version of my a cappella website, it's going to be frameless. I want it to be frameless because my website is often being found in a search engine, but when it's loading from there, you will only see the content part, not the menu part. So people who find my website through a search engine will never be able to see more of my website. For instance, they will just see this.

So, in my new website I'm going to use a table instead of frames, because this will solve that problem. But, by using a table I found the problem of linking pages from the menu in the left cell to the main cell in the center. I should solve that problem with PHP, but unfortunately I can't do it with those 16 movies I've seen. That's why "Why am I doing this?" Why did I watch these 16 movies? *sigh*
Luckely Martin told me how to use PHP in my table, and now, if I click something in the menu on the left, the content will appear in the main cell. Problem solved, with help from Martin.

So I guess me learning PHP is ending right here. If I want to know a specific function I will ask Martin ;)
Though it is quite fun to learn to echo
echo "My name is ".$name." and I am ".$age." years old";
echo ($num == 7) ? "exactly seven" : ($num > 7) ? "more than seven" : "less than seven";
I mean, it really does look quite complicated, doesn't it?

I think I should focus on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) now. I'm using CSS already, but I can make more of it in my new design. CSS enables a webmaster to change layout very easily. For instance, if I want to change the color of my text, or change the font, I only have to change it in my CSS, and it will automatically change on the entire website. But, there's more, and I think I should explore that.

Sorry, am I being too complicated?

Sometimes some of my friends tell my I chose the wrong studies. Why didn't I study something like computer science?? It would save me a lot of time right now! ;)
No...... I'm really very, very happy with my job. And to be honoust, I'm glad my internet adventures are just a hobby.

Good night, sleep well :-*

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