Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gedanken loswerden - third part

Ok. Here I am again. Just taking a few minutes to tell you all I'm busy, busy and busy. I need to reply some emails, but I can't find time. I want to post some messages in some blogs, but I can't find time.
It'll all be over in a few weeks (will it? haha).
In 12 days the Montezuma Fanzone needs to be running (OMG, really, just 12 more days??? AAAAH!!!!). But we'll manage, of course :D I need to do some more photoshopping, a job which can't be done hastely. And then we have to move the official forum and rebuild it to the new lay-out.... I hope it won't bring too much problems along....
And in a couple of weeks we're getting married. Final preparations need to be taken care of! Flowers are hard to choose.... I've got some books but most pictures look like the bride is carrying a complete bush around and if you know me.... you'll know it doesn't suit me at all. It needs to be small, fashionable, elegant and easy to carry. Hmmmm.... hard....

I'm so glad I visited a Wise Guys concert last Friday. Whenever I think of it these days, there's this smile on my face again. Such a concert gives me so much new energy. Oh, and I got a great idea for a kind of essay on my website about .. well, not going to tell you yet! When I've got time I'll write it. But it will be the first thing written in German on my website, oh yeah ;)
Friday was so great *sigh* *smile*

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  1. Anonymous13/9/06 12:43

    *knuddel* und "Willkommen im Club!" :)
    Aber du weißt ja: Lieber "wuseln" als "Ich mache mir den Monsterstress..."!

    Ganz liebe Grüße,