Friday, October 06, 2006

Is there a better way to start your weekend?

Imagine a long, hard day at work. You go home, tired, but really happy because it's weekend! And you are going to have a great weekend, you already know ;)
But then, your weekend gets even better! When you get home, you find an envelop on your doormat with a familiair handwriting. You recognise it as Nico Jacobs' (Rock4) handwriting and what do you do? You can't believe what you see. He's never been this quick! You only ordered this cd last Tuesday!
But things like this happen :D
He must have known it's my birtyday tomorrow ;)
And Martin is happy as well, because he didn't have a birthday present yet, and now he does. He happy + me happy = we happy!

Btw: The album is just great! I really love their music. Order it here! -->"A Night at the Opera"

1 comment:

  1. And on Saturday the Wise Guys single "Lebendig und kräftig und schärfer" fell on my doormat.
    Does everybody know it's my birthday today?? It seems so. Extraordinary.

    And then Saturday night! I'm speechless. That was probably they best birthday gift. I loved the show guys!

    What a weekend.... great, greater, greatest. Good, better, best...
    What to say about next weekend? What's the superlative degree (aah! is that the word?) of greatest and best?