Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to the summer

Weekend!! :) Nothing special on the agenda, we're at home and can enjoy 2 free days. I love it. Last week I got scared I might get bored, so I volunteered to summarize the 70 or 80 e-mails with reactions and evaluationforms from our festival. Pretty nice job, because we are given a lot of compliments and the criticism and suggestions are all correct and as expected. Next Monday we'll evaluate the whole gang and then we'll see how the third edition next year is going to be organised.
Boyz Nite Out-CD is playing, tea, cookies and fresh pineapple *yumm* within arm's reach, no stressed feeling because there's nothing else this weekend that needs to be done (except for some housekeeping...) - what else do I want? (Fly to München by chopper right now!)
Ok, break's over. 17 more e-mails to go :)


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  2. Pity, I can't move comments, because you probably accidentally wrote the comment at the wrong post. Well, doesn't matter ;)
    Didn't know you were blogging as well, by the way! :D