Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving virus

I pretty much loved this weekend :) We finally had some time to relax, we had time to go to the cinema (saw the movie "10.000 BC"), we had time for a long Easter-breakfast on Sunday, we had time to fill in the tax return papers (okay, didn't really enjoy that, but it has to be done) and we had time to visit friends: Siny celebrated her birthday, Dennis and Linlin are in the middle of moving and showed us their new home, Remco is going to move as well and we helped him remove old wallpaper, my mother-in-law got the key of her new home last week, so we also visited her. We also made a little tour in our car through Hengelo to watch some houses which might be interesting for ourselves, because we also want to move this year. There are so many houses for sale. But our demands are pretty high, so it might take a while before we find that particular house we love.
To continue the moving-story: My sister will be moving this summer. And my grandmother in August. In 2007 two other relatives (from that part of the family) already moved.

So, instead of searching for eggs, we've been searching and visiting houses. And we will do the same during the next weeks/months. Plus helping Remco move, plus helping my mother-in-law move. And when we find our house, they can help us in return ;)

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  1. Anonymous25/3/08 13:32

    You are going to leave the nice small house? Oh :´( it ist lovely :). If i could move it where ever i want i would like it ;).

    But to complete your story i moved as well. Aachen is over :). My roommate moves in with her boyfriend and so i did the same :D.

    So i wish you that you find an nice new home. :)