Monday, October 06, 2008

We miss Montezuma's Revenge!

That's the conclusion after talking to several people during the a cappella night in Lingen (Germany) last Friday. We talked to some singers from Vocaldente and after we told them we are from the Netherlands, they started asking about Montezuma's Revenge. Same happened while talking to LaLeLu. After that, a girl standing at the Viva Voce cd-table came to us, apologizing for hearing us talk about Montezuma. Montezuma's Revenge was her first a cappella group and she really missed them. We talked with her for a while then.
Although we had a great night in Lingen (report will follow tomorrow!), we miss Montezuma's Revenge!!!


  1. Anonymous6/10/08 21:26

    Yep... Same feeling over here... *sigh* I never thought I would miss them so much. And now, at the beginning of a brand new theater-season, it's getting even worse. Well, who knows... Maybe a reunion in a few years? Probably not... As far as I know, Menno has moved to Germany as well. I'll tell you all about it in Oss!

    Oh ja, have a very happy birthday!!!


  2. Did he move to Cologne? Which one of the two is the new Wise Guy??? hahahahahahaha :)

  3. Anonymous7/10/08 00:07

    May I say it here?
    Happy Birthday, Corine!!! I wish you a nice day, delicious cake and nice presents. I'm looking forward to read your report.

  4. Thank you both for the birthday wishes! :)