Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our house - part 13

Moving-Day is coming soon!
It's a chaos in the old house. Right now, there are no curtains in our living room, they are being cleaned tomorrow and then hanged in the new house. The hallway is full of boxes and every time we open the door to the hallway, it bangs into the boxes, because for some reason we seem to forget we've put them there time after time. Every closet we open is almost empty and all the pictures have been removed from the walls.
A lot of boxes (at least 30) have already been moved to the new house and in the new house it's almost invisible that we've put them there, because the house is just too big and there are many closets to hide the mess ;)
Today we also wanted to move some boxes to the new house, but we had some bad luck: Our car was standing on the parking with a flat tire! Damn! So first thing tomorrow, before going to work, is going to the garage to have it fixed. Tip for everybody: Make sure the air pressure of your spare tire is correct. I guess ours has never been checked before and the pressure seems pretty low. But it'll do.
Next Tuesday our internet/cable is moving already. I'll probably be offline for a while now. Next blog-post will be from the new house! Keep your fingers crossed for us please, I hope everything goes well in the coming week. Biggest concern, because it's not in our hands, is the carpet that has to be laid on Friday...

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