Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My modern grandmother

My grandmother is 83 years old and some years ago, she got a computer and I taught her how type and how to send e-mail. Her handwriting is very bad, so now she can communicate with people by writing e-mail or by writing a text in Word, printing it and sending it as a normal letter. It is fantastic how she learned this and I'm proud of her!
Today my mother had to come over, to "put a new pen into the printer" (a new cartridge). My grandmother has got a printer which can also copy and fax papers. In the printer my mother found not only blank sheets of paper, there was also a CD in it. My grandmother had tried to copy it for one of her relatives. Apparently she does know it is possible to copy CD's, but how to do it? I'm already looking forward to her next e-mail, in which she might tell me all about her attempt to copy a CD ;)


  1. Hihi, sehr schöne Geschichte! Das erinnert mich an den Kunden, der uns letztens anrief und fragte, ob wir ihm den E-Mail-Anhang noch mal schicken könnten, weil er gerne noch ein Exemplar zum Weiterleiten hätte. ;-)
    Aber Respekt an deine Großmutter! Meine kann immerhin noch SMS schreiben; nach der ausführlich(st)en Anleitung, die ich ihr irgendwann mal gebastelt habe ...

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. so smart of your oma, haha~!