Saturday, June 19, 2010

McDulls lawn

Our garden is beautiful (thanks to the previous owners of our house), but slowly we're changing small things to make it more a garden of our own. We had to cut back a lot of bushes and trees in the past few months and planted some new bushes, because some died last winter. On one side of the garden we have a lot of roses. First, I loved them, but not anymore. There's always the problem with when and how to prune the rose bushes and fighting the plant lice. It's been said (and probably true) that roses put a lot of energy into flower production. So it's important that they get proper food care, which of course, I never give them. Our roses are blooming now, but I'm sure they could be ten times prettier if cared for better. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the enormous thorns that make it almost impossible to weed between the bushes and that during winter it's an ugly sight just to see the leafless, prickly bushes.
No, I'm not so fond of roses anymore.
But what has this got to do with McDulls lawn? Well, last week I've removed a part of the rose bushes to make a two square meter big grass-land. Our guinea-pig loves grass and now he has a nice place to browse! :) And I think there might be a good chance that we'll get rid of the other rose bushes as well....

Only one question remains.... will the grass grow under this tree? We'll see....
McDull loves his lawn, he started eating grass as soon as he saw it!


  1. Hihi, tolles Meerschweinchen-Paradies!
    Wir haben unseren Meerschweinchen früher immer so eine Art Hundeleine gebastelt und sind mit ihnen im Park rumgerannt bzw. eher -geschlichen. ;-)
    Liebe Grüße,

    ... die hier immer noch eine Mail zu beantworten hat (*schäm*) - aber dafür brauch ich mal ganz viel Ruhe ... Hab dich nicht vergessen!

  2. Hihi, schön, so mit Mini-Hund im Park *g*.

    Schäme dich doch nicht, aber danke fürs etwashörenlassen hier ;)