Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday: Tidy up DAY 1

I'm free this week!!!!! On the one hand, this week has many planned activities, such as the visitings at both christmas days. On Sunday we celebrated christmas with my family, on Monday with Martins family. Ordinary maybe, but fun, and the food was great. Then I'll have a "girlsday" on Friday, with four friends. We don't know what we'll be doing that day exactly, but it will probably look like this: eating chocolate, cookies and candy, watching a movie none of our boyfriends/husbands ever wants to see, cook together, and all together with a lot of chatting.
By the way, I'm still doubting whether I shall bring my WG-DVD collection... *dumtidum* I wonder if they'd appreciate it ;)

New Years Eve also has to be celebrated of course, so that leaves three free days without any planned activities. I could sleep long and do nothing all day, enjoying my holiday every minute, but that would leave me with an unsatisfying feeling. The point is, actually I should really tidy up the mess it is upstairs in the computer room and the guest room... So I decided to spend my days sleeping pretty long AND tidying up the rooms. Maybe you are wondering why there is such a mess. Well, that's quite simple, we moved into this house two years ago, and some boxes just still needs to be unpacked.... other things just need to be sorted out.

Results of Day 1:

  • Reduced my schoolpapers (reports, assignments) from 6 files to 3 files: 2 boxes of paper now waiting to be picked up by the paper-recycling-people.

  • Refound some old hobby-tinkerthings: packed in a bag and will be given to my cousins next Saturday

  • Filled 1 big rubbish bag with rubbish and threw it in the garbage can

  • Shocking fact:
    I noticed most of the boxes that still needs to be unpacked or sorted out, belong to Martin....

    Martin????????? when will you have a holiday???

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