Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm not as dumb as I thought

Heyhey! I'm not as dumb as I thought! (see "Technical understanding of a ...")
I managed to print labels today *JUHU* *gggggg* :D 163 labels, to be precise. For the volleybalclubs annual meeting invitations *proud*
And now I'm going to try to build a little table/case/cupboard -what's it called?- We bought it at Ikea last night. Let's see if I can manage on my own..... ;)
*listen to pfeffercd*


  1. Anonymous10/1/06 21:47

    How is it going with the IKEA-how-is-it-called?
    Concerning women flopping in technical things: Does somebody has a strong man for me? Yesterday, I wanted to change the wheel of my bike - but I'm to weak to even move the screw *grml*
    But I was strong enough to brake a srew wrench *lol*
    Oh, I have a new "project" - I'll send you a link in ICQ...
    Top secret!


    PS: Looking forward to january 29th!
    What's about you and Pay-TV? And did you find a place to sleep in the meanwhile?

  2. Oh yeah, for some things you just _need_ a man. Bicycle trouble is one of those things ;)

    The only problem is, some men tend to think that if _they_ do the hard work, the women will do the cooking and cleaning. But _that_ of course, is not the way things go *hihi*


    PS: *flüster* I like your new project :)
    PS2: I'm still negociating about Pay TV and the place to sleep... Finding a place to sleep isn't hard, as far as Pay TV is concerned, I'm not sure if I can make that. To be continued...
    PS3: I'm looking forward to the 29th so much as well!!!!