Monday, March 13, 2006

Please cross your fingers for me..... :/

Our car is having a problem. It doesn't want to start every now and then. It started showing this bad temper about 10 days ago.... So we brought the car to the garage last Saturday. There was probably some dust somewhere on/in the *don't know the english word for this* shoke. Well, so they cleaned it and I thought it was over. This morning I got to work without problems. But going back wasn't that easy. For some reason this car is only showing this problem when I'm going back home. It never showed the problem here in our street, when I wanted to go somewhere. Weird, isn't it? As if it doesn't want to go home with me, but stay at work instead. The opposite of this would make more sense, of course. I wouldn't mind if it shows the problem early in the morning. "Sorry girls (I don't have male collegues ;)), I can't make it to get to work, I'll try again later today, you'll have to spend the day without me. You'll manage, don't you?". Well, no, that's not my way of behaviour, of course ;) ;)
So today, the car didn't want to start, and only after several attempts it started, broke down, started again, broke down again, started again and running really weird, but eventually it kept running. And I got home *pfff...*
Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm too dependent on this car... I don't need it on Thursday, so I'll bring the car to the garage on Wednesday after work. Which means it has to function for another two days. And please, let it start without problems.... It's very frustrating when it doesn't want to start. I'm really scared I'll end up somewhere with a car that really doesn't want to go.... :/


  1. Anonymous13/3/06 23:54

    Oh je!
    Da drück ich Dir doch mal gaaanz feste die Daumen.Ich kenn das Problem mit unserem Auto. Also kenne ich Deine Sorgen nur zu gut! Also drücke ich, was das Zeug hält. *drück ganz feste*
    Liebe Grüße Steffi

  2. Same thing happened today. No problems in the morning when I had to get to work. But when I wanted to go home in the afternoon it didn't want to start... *GRRRRRRR*!! But eventually it brought me (and two of my collegues who were driving with me today!) home.

    Naja, auf jeden Fall hat es heute Abend geklappt meine neue Website-Layout-Struktur zusammen zu basteln *FREU* :D Aber das dauert noch eine weile bis das online kommt.

    Liebe Grüße, Corine