Sunday, May 07, 2006

High higher highest

Next week, one of my friends is getting married. So yesterday we had a bachelor party to celebrate. There were different activities, and we drove from one place to another with 3 cars. In my car I amused the people with the new Wise Guys album Radio. (Eh.... did I amuse you Ria? Wilma, you did like it, didn't you? *hihi*) OK, not everybody likes a cappella. And not everybody understands German. But I love it, and if you're in my car... ;)

We had a really great time together. The climbing was a great activity. I really had no idea if I could do this, but it's really not as hard as I had imagined. And it was sooooo cool! I want to do it again! I want to get higher!


  1. Anonymous7/5/06 12:37

    haha~ aapje corine? I want to play, tooooooo~! 6 u <

  2. Silly gloria ;) you are aapje, not me! or am I? mmm.. complicated haha.

    Neih hou ma? Ngo hou hou aa!! I don't remember more... sorry. Oh ja: ngo oi neih! :# *hihi*
    When's my next lesson? :P

  3. Anonymous7/5/06 18:55

    Ooooh! I want to do climbing again one day, too!
    It's so much fun! Also if I couldn't feel my hands and my shoes were totally abraded after this...

    And I do not understand a word what's written above ;-)

  4. [explainmoduson]It's Chinese... and it's hard. I can only remember those little sentences I wrote above. It says: "How are you? I'm fine" and "I love you".
    Sorry Gloria, I forgot the other things you taught me!
    Oh ja, and aapje = monkey. It's Gloria's nickname. [/explainmodusoff]

    Late at night we ended up at a discoparty where you could stay or go home. I could stand the music for about 30 minutes, and then I left. I was really tired as well. And when I drove home.... mach das Radio an! Und dreh richtig laut auf! Nur der Sommerregen hat gefehlt ;) Und es war kein Cabrio, aber eine ganz alte Ferrari ;) Aber es hat immerhin ein Radio.