Thursday, June 01, 2006

Me a referee?? - that rhymes - and a toothpaste story

I am officially an arbitrator now. Tonight I passed the exam. I was actually hoping I would fail because I don't want to be an arbitrator. Don't ask me why I was doing this course, we all just had to do it. So I passed. I guess it was too simple. But I don't see myself doing this next year... So, am I happy now? not really... The only cool thing is, I've got a red and yellow card now. I think I'm going to use them at work with the kids ;)
By the way, last weekend (in Köln) Steffi gave me new Blendi, and the kids really love it. They were very happy I brought it for them. One of the kids asked me if I had been to Germany again (he's five years old). Because I had told them I had to go to Germany to buy new Blendi. Funny, he remembered this. The kids love this toothpaste mostly because it glitters.

Hmmm... I actually wanted to write a longer story, but the words don't come out today. I'm too tired. Let's go to bed, quite early for a change.


  1. Anonymous5/6/06 13:36

    Das mit der Blendi finde ich ja immer noch ein lustiges Phänomen... Und kann immer noch nicht verstehen, wie einem das Zeug schmecken kann! *schüttel*
    Aber sag rechtzeitig Bescheid, wenn ich im Oktober (*hoff, dass es klappt*) Nachschub mitbringen soll!
    ...damit ich rechtzeitig alle Vorräte aller Drogeriemärkte der näheren Umgebung aufkaufen kann ;)

    lg, lena

  2. Danke, ich sage dir Bescheid ;)