Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Toe philosophy & Klartext

Every June I'm having a weekend holiday with some old fellow students. Girls only, our men have to stay at home. A little holiday is always very welcome, but a free holiday is even more welcome! This year, our stay was free of charge, because last year we had some trouble. And after our complaints about it, we got a free weekend in return. No complaints about the organisation, they deserve a link.

We planned this weekend months ago and we were all looking forward to it. And this time we chose to visit Zeeland (a province of NL in the south-west). I have been there several times in the past with Martins family and it's just a beautiful place to be. I love the sound of the sea and although I don't really prefer spending hours on the beach sunbathing, I loved it this weekend. We've even been swimming in the sea!!! Still cold, but satisfying after baking (burning...) in the sun.

So, what more have we been doing? What do women do, when there are no men around? Nothing spectacular, actually. For instance, we discussed toes. Did you know you can recognise people's characteristics by looking at their toes? Little lesson in toe-philosophy: Take a look at the second big toe on your right foot; is it bigger or just as big as your big toe? Than, you are ambitious! Take a look at the second big toe on your left foot: Is it bigger or just as big as your big toe? Than you are a sensitive person and you don't succeed in cleaning up the mess you make. Ok, untill here, it's pretty innocent and general. But, if you can "seperate" your left little toe (which stands for selfconfidence and sex) from the others, it means you are capable of having sex without love or deep emotion! We are strongly doubting the reliablility of this philosophy, because five of us could actually move their little toe in a way we would call it seperate from the others. Well, anyway.. That's what women discuss, right? Stupid magazines, by the way. We also discussed marriage (two of us are getting married within the next year, including me), kids (one of us is pregnant), men (two of us are still single and well, the others are experts), work (we almost all have similar jobs (in child/youth care), etc. The usual women stuff ;)

Zeeland is also the place where the Klartext fotoshooting (2002/03?) took place. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at the picture on the right here. It's one of the pictures taken during that fotoshooting. I recognised the lighthouse immediately when I saw it on the picture. And this weekend, I just had to go to this specific place and I watched the sunset there. Stupid, I know. But it's just a very nice place. And well, being a Wise Guys fan.... ok... no more words, the pictures:

Isn't it beautiful?? Wow, it was so nice to sit there and wait for the sun to go down. The temperature was going down with the sun, but I didn't care. Skating back made me warm again.

On Sunday I saw something which I really wanted to do, but my friends didn't want to do it. I'm sure, if I would be there with another group of friends, we would hire this immediately. Just because, right? ;) You know ;)

Hört ihr sie schon singen? Ich habe schon ´nen Ohrwurm ;)

So, our weekend was a great succes and we're already doing some brainstorming for next year. Maybe we'll go sailing in Friesland (in the north of NL)!


  1. Anonymous20/6/06 21:15

    Corine ist wieder da! *freu*
    Schön zu hören, dass du so viel Spaß gehabt zu haben scheinst! Und deine Fotos... *träum vom Meer*
    Ich hab mich übrigens sehr über deine SMSe (Was bitte ist der Plural von SMS?) vom Meer gefreut, auch wenn ich gerade etwas durch den Wind war... *dumdidum*

    So neither my first nor my second big toe are bigger than my big toe. What does that mean for my characteristics?
    By the way: Good to know that I'm not capable of having sex without love or deep emotion. ;-)

    Ich wäre übrigens sofort mit dir mit diesen komischen Fahrrad-Tret-wasimmer-Teilen gefahren ;-)

    Ganz ganz liebe Grüße und *knuddel*

  2. Anonymous26/6/06 12:39

    Hey Corine!
    Wow, traumhaft. Die Gegend sieht ja auch ohne Wise Guys einfach nur schön aus :D DA hätte ich auch gerne mit am Strand gesessen *g* Schöne Bilder!

    @lena: Oki, dann wären wir schon zu 3. ich wär auch mitgefahren *g*
    Liebe Grüße *knuddl*

  3. Hihihihi, das nächste KusS in Zeeland? Dann wirds uns nie langweilig *lol*

    oh ja und lena: Das Magazin habe ich nicht mehr, das ist in die Mülltonne gelandet. So I don't know what your toes say about you.


  4. Anonymous27/6/06 10:04

    Och menno, und ich dachte schon, jetzt würde ich endlich mal was wirklich Wichtiges über mich lernen können... :(

    Das wär' doch mal was! Ob man in dem Leuchtturm mit zwanzig Leuten (oder wie viele waren wir beim letzten KusS?) wohnen kann? ;-)

    Ach ja, ich hab seit gestern dann auch ein Niederländisch-Wörterbuch. *g*

    lg, lena

  5. Anonymous28/6/06 13:24

    @lena, Corine:
    Das nächste KusS in nem Leuchtturm? *g* Ja, stimmt mit 20 Personen sicher sehr ääähhhhmmmm Gemütlich :D. Na ja, ist mal der krasse Kontrast zum letzten, wo wir fast schon zu viel Platz hatten hehehe. Allerdings hätten wir es von daaus ncht so weit zum Vla. *ggggg*

  6. Gemütlich ist das richtige Wort öööööhmm ja... ;)

    Bei schönem Wetter gibt es den Tanzboden dann neben der Leuchtturm, auf der öffentliche Weg.... Publikum gibt es dann hochstwahrscheinlich auch. Das ist doch auch eine schöne Gedanke, oder? ....

    Aber was hällt ihr von eine Ferienwohnung in der Nähe? Oder wirds euch dann langweilig? ;)
    Persönlich werde ich lieber nochmals nach Merkenich kommen.... Wie wars mit "Boerengolf" in Merkenich? (blog september 2005) *g*

  7. Anonymous19/7/06 12:40

    leaving you a message during these busy days~ you went to a heel mooi place~! wow~~ I like the lighthouse heel veel~ such a romantic place~ hihi*