Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This week I started working again. My holiday is over... But today I had a day off (I love having a part-time job) and mainly because the work for the festival hasn't started yet, it also really felt like having a day off, because I had time. Yes, I had time! I love it when I have time. I have time to read, for instance. Right now I'm reading the fourth book within four weeks. I guess things will change quickly as soon as everything is back to normal after the school holidays.

But, because I can't read all day and because I want to do something usefull as well, I decided it was about time to tidy up my desk in the computer room. It's a pity I didn't make a "before" picture actually, so you could see the difference. It was really, really messy. I could put all the papers and stuff and mess back on the desk and make a picture of it, but then I would have done all my work for nothing. So I'm terribly sorry, but I'll give you the "after" picture only:

See the empty file holders on the right? They're empty because I bought them today hoping they'll help me to keep the desk tidy.
The only thing I shouldn't do when I'm sitting at my desk right now, is looking over my shoulder to the other corner of the room. It still looks like this:

Well, there'll be time for that corner some other day. Hopefully... Tonight there's only me, my book and my cup of tea. And Martin of course, with the constant roaring of airplanes from his flight simulator which is his sign of having time ;)


  1. Anonymous8/8/07 21:39

    Hey, die Karte auf dem Tisch kenn ich :) *freu*
    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg,

  2. Haha, ich habe mich gestern schon gefragt ob du dass sehen würde.

    Tja, "Gib jedem Tag die Chance..." ist immer noch mein favorites Lebensmotto :) und deswegen ist die Karte noch nicht in einem Karton gelandet.

    Liebe Grüße aus Hengelo,

  3. Anonymous15/8/07 12:06

    Das sieht doch schon sehr ordentlich aus :).
    Freut mich das du ein bisschen freizeit hast. Würde euch zu gerne mal wieder sehen. Hab aber seit letzter woche wieder Schule. Solang bis sich was findet wofür ich bezahlt werde :D ;).

    LG aus Aachen

  4. Anonymous26/8/07 19:08

    Corininin~ I'm back from a 2-day Macau mission trip. It's so amazing to see the work of God by changing a gambling(not anymore)-man a lots. Hey~ thanks for your lovely IKEA card, haha~ my last mail for you was a wedding gift.. seems so long ago indeed.. how long already? I was making a gift for you actually.. half way to go.. it stuck coz of my technical problem, haha... no excuse.. I should have a well-planned schedule.. I have too many things to do in my mind.. stoute gloria, I forgot the word.. is it "fue"? hmm.. sleepy.. again, thank you for your greetings!! Greetings to martin and your family, too~!! I still remember the "cookies" from your mummy? We watched hot balloons, did we?? *HUg* love you

  5. Martina: Jaaa.... wann sehen wir uns wieder? Pantheon in dezember? Das wäre schön, oder?

    Gloria! neih hou ma? stoute Gloria? nee, je bent niet stout!
    And concerning the balloons: Of course I remember, that was nice! Keep checking this blog, because we're going to fly in one soon! *hug*