Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our house - part 5

After the noise with sanding machines, I started using our special vacuum cleaner today to get rid of mortar, carpet remains and dust.... and this vacuum cleaner makes even more noise.
I'm really feeling sorry with the neighbours right now. I used ear protection to avoid getting deaf.

This is the room in the attic, which will be our computer room later, and you can see the noisy vacuum cleaner (be happy it's a picture, not a movie!):

Right now, we can start cleaning - get rid of all the dust everywhere. In the coming evenings I'm going to undercoat some small things as well. Cleanerteam can come over and join us next Saturday! After that, we can start painting 10 door frames and some other things. We still have to buy paint by the way, we don't even know yet what color we're going to use...

Oh ja, the plasterer will come over in the first week of Januar. Perfect timing!

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