Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoo by night

Yesterday we visited the zoo in Emmen by night. Conclusions: It was cold, it was dark, 90% of the animals was not visible, and it was very cold.
Did I tell you it was damn cold?

To be honest, it was nice, but there were just too many people which made it too crowdy in the places where animals were visible. There was a beautiful laser show and a fire breather. The fire breather was very nice, mostly for the big flames that gave some warmth! The trees were beautifully lit in different colors. The little cup of hot soup was very nice and we enjoyed it fully - for it was 3,50 euro... We sat outside at a table which was frozen with ice *shiver*. One advantage of visiting a zoo in winter: no wasps around the rubbish bins!

Here you can see the home of the Nigerian Nightnosers, I guess... ;) and the pool with ehm... with many Dazzling Ducks. And, we saw See-lions! Oh wait, it were Sea-lions!

Luckily we could have a look inside some animal accommodations for the night, so we didn't leave the zoo without having seen an animal.

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