Sunday, March 22, 2009

Addition to the family

Today Piet moved in. Piet is the aged cat of my mother-in-law. Since my mother-in-law moved to an apartment last year, it was always the plan that Piet would come and live with us one day, because she doesn't have enough room for a cat. This is Piet:


  1. Anonymous22/3/09 18:15

    :) he is cute. Looks a bit like one of my cats, her face is ronder an there is not so much white in her face :).

    So congratulations on your new "child". They cry, the want to cuddle and you have to clean there WC :D.


  2. Hmmm... this is not a very cuddly cat though... and to be honest: I don't really like cats a lot. But well, Piet has been in the family for ages and Martin loves him :P