Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Later" has started

That was the discovery some friends and I made yesterday. I meet these friends few times a year (because I don't live so nearby) and almost every year we are spending a weekend together somewhere in a holiday-residence. But yesterday we only met to drink tea, chat, make and eat dinner and watch a movie in the evening.

A couple of years ago, we said: What will it be like, later, when some of us have kids? Will they play together and join us on our trips and days out?

Well, the "later" has really started. Yesterday, five kids were running, crawling and lying around. It was a lot of fun. The youngest only 8 weeks old, the oldest 2,5 years old. Toys everywhere. Baby bottles, bibs, diapers, high chairs, stair gates and kitchen cupboards with child locks. Time to talk was rare, because every minute another kid was interrupting the conversation. Yep, the old times are over :)


  1. Früher war alles besser.

  2. Besser oder anders?

  3. Anders sowieso.
    Aber ich mag es. Die Kinder sind echt voll süß.

  4. ... und nein, ich frag jetzt nicht, ob ihr vorhabt, auch was zu dem Kindergewusel beizutragen. ;-)

  5. Du bist aber neugierig, ne?
    Die Antwort: Natürlich! Irgendwann....

  6. Neugierig? Ich? Nie! ;-)