Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back home from the Azores

Monday night we got back home from our holiday on the Azores. We spent one week on the island Faial and one week on the island São Miguel. Both places were beautiful! We've been exploring the green islands and saw big volcanoes, hot sulfur springs and steaming fumaroles, huge crater lakes, steep cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and about a dozen sperm whales.
The over 1800 pictures have already brought back to a selection of 670 pictures, which is still to big to put online. But we'll do our best to upload a smaller selection in our Picasa Webalbum later this week.


  1. So envy that you can travel around often~~ I wish I can live in Europe, haha~ Thanks for sharing all those mooie pictures!!

    I think that we can afford to go to Taiwan for our next travelling.. :p

    *Hug*, greetings to Martin ook.

  2. Taiwan! Wow! Wish I could go there too. Or China, Hong Kong, or Japan. Or or or. Envy you as well! ;)