Monday, August 31, 2009


Despite the two hours delay on the way there, caused by a problem with one of my rear tires, and despite the storm on the first night, I had a wonderful weekend camping with friends in the dunes near the North Sea.

I'm really glad I noticed the ticking sound in my right rear tire when I slowed down because of a traffic jam and I'm also glad I decided to leave the highway to find out what it was. To cut a long story short: I needed a new tire immediately. If I would have continued driving, I definitely would have had a blown tire.
We were using the new tent of one of my friends and found out it withstands heavy rain, thunder, stormy wind and hail as big as M&M's. Our neighbour, in a caravan, told us we could always wake him in the middle of the night if things would get worse. A very comforting thought, because we couldn't imagine the weather getting much worse from there. Anyway, we stayed dry and safe.
On Saturday and Sunday it was sunny and we enjoyed the weather and the beach. Personal beach tennis record: 93! Wheee! :P

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  1. I bet this photo is taken after a long walk, you all look very exhausted :-)