Sunday, September 19, 2010

17 weeks

Whoo! A lot has happened this week. I went shopping with my mom and found some nice clothing which I will be able to wear the coming months. Martin and I also had an appointment with the midwife. We heard the heart of our little baby beat - it's so special to hear this! We are also slowly furnishing the baby bedroom and clearing out things. For instance, I'm reorganizing my wardrobe and we're moving some things from the baby bedroom that can be stored in the attic. We also visited a store which left us overwhelmed with ideas. We could have spend a lot of money there, but we didn't. I'm sure we can find cheaper places! We're not going to spend 900 euros for a baby buggy! We're also almost done organizing things with the day care center. And, most important: I feel less exhausted in the evenings!! :D

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