Tuesday, December 28, 2010

31/32 weeks - Time is flying

Ever since passing the "30 weeks" I feel like time is flying and due date is rushing nearer. I am really looking forward to it, and to prepare I am collecting and buying the final things we need for our baby. I believe the only thing we still need is a baby alarm and (sooner or later) a bigger car. Today I even bought diapers, which was quite a task because *pfff* there are so many different packages! Okay, the shop was quite messy as well, with packages diapers lying in three different corners.
Last week we had another ultra sound. Our little one was 1691 gram at that time, which will approximately be 54% of the birth weight. Or so the computer told us. We'll just wait and see :) Now I'm off until the 3rd of January because of Christmas and New Year, and then counting down begins: I have to work until January 26th which means 3,5 weeks or 14 days of work, and then my maternity leave starts.
Oh, and what's really exciting: We finally made up our minds and got a boys name and a girls name!

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