Saturday, January 15, 2011

34 weeks - counting down

I'm still counting down the days at work: 7 more to go and then my maternity leave starts. I can't wait! Although I must say I'm still doing fine at work. The tempo and intensity of my tasks have decreased quite a bit, but that's okay. I do have the feeling my brain is slowing down as well. I can't take in new information as easily as I could, I am easily confused and I experience busy situations more chaotically than they really are. Sometimes, the world around me just seems to speed up and I can't keep pace. Somebody already welcomed me to the rest of my life... well I do hope it's not all that bad?!

Who of my readers recognizes this music box? 

I went to the hairdresser this week, which was really necessary. After the drastic haircut I got a little present: A gift voucher for the first haircut of our child, hahaha. I wonder when we'll use it....

This week I also visited a breastfeeding information evening, which was very informative and fun. I also dreamed about having contractions... Just a few more weeks, and I'll experience it all for real! :)


  1. Aapje recognizes the poohpooh music box!! haha~ So cute with the dolls in it~~!
    Do you sleep well at night?
    You don't know if your baby is a boy or girl yet, toch?

  2. Jaaaa, your music box! :D

    I sleep quite well at night. Only, turning over from one side to the other side is a bit difficult now, because I'm heavier of course.

    We are very curious now, if it's a boy or a girl. But we'll just have to wait a little bit more! It'll be a big surprise :D