Sunday, February 06, 2011

37 weeks

From today on, officially, I am allowed to give birth at home. For my foreign friends this might seem strange, but in the Netherlands it's quite common to stay at home during delivery. And I really hope and wish I can stay at home, because I don't like hospitals much and I prefer to be in a place I feel relaxed. Of course, when things are difficult or whenever there are complications, I'll be going straight to the hospital - but I hope we don't need to do that.
I really love this maternity leave, giving me the opportunity to do whatever I want to do, without stress and hurry. Everything is ready for the baby, and with my many hobbies I don't feel bored at all. I feel good and rested, although my belly is getting bigger and it makes sleeping a little more uncomfortable lately.

We have bought another car last week! After years of driving several red Daihatsu Cuores (since 2004), we are now going to drive a grey Volkswagen Golf! Big change! During our test drive we tested if our stroller fits in the trunk. It does! :D


  1. Mooie auto. Hebben jullie de oude ingeruild, of verkopen jullie hem zelf?

  2. Het doorschuifsysteem zoals dat de afgelopen jaren heeft plaatsgevonden blijft van kracht. Onze auto gaat naar Nadine, en die van haar (onze oude Daihatsu) ruilen we in. We krijgen er nog een mooi bedrag voor ook.