Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I don't want a lot for Christmas....

[sing]Do you hear the sleigh bells ring? Santa is coming to town! A very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Snow is falling, all around me. Children playing, having fun. We are the world, we are the children!

*lalalala* tralalaliiiii [/sing]

Coming in the mood already? I am! YEAH!!! :D


Ok, and now honestly? Here it comes:
Oh my God... I'm hearing Christmas songs! *run and hide!* It's only August d*mn!! AAAARRG!!

But well,
Since we are going to join the worlds biggest vocal pop choir this november... and the postman brought us the practising cd's today...
But why did they chose the theme "Christmas"? I'm not really happy with it actually. But, there's nothing I can change about it. By the way, Martin and I are joining together with some people from Martins choir. But, we are in different voice groups of course. So I guess we won't see each other all day long haha.
Some months ago: "Let's go together, it'll be so much fun!" "Yeah, let's do that" Hmmm....
There'll be about 2000 people that day...
After 25.11: "It was so much fun, wasn't it?" "Yeah, but I didn't see you around, were you really there?" "Let's go together again next year!" "Yeah, let's do that, I really like to do things together with you!" ;)

Hahahahaha. You know the worst thing? One of the songs is "Winter Wonderland". Our reaction when we hear that song can be described like this: We scream and turn of the song as quickly as possible. The reason for this reaction? In 2002 (?) we visited the Vocal Group Festival in Tilburg, and "Winter Wonderland" was the compulsory song during the contest. So we heard this song about 10, 15 times that day, all with the same arrangement. And ever since, we can't hear the song anymore. Now we have to sing it ourselves... omg....

But, don't worry. We are going to have so much fun :D
[sing]....and so this is Christmas aaaaaah aaaaah aaaaah aaaaaaah *ALL TOGETHER NOW!* we hope you have fun | the near and the dear ones | the old and the young [/sing]


  1. Anonymous31/8/06 12:28

    Ja, ist denn heut' schon Weihnachten?
    Und ich dachte vorgestern noch, DAS wäre verrückt zu behaupten: "Dieses Gedicht gibt es immer nur um die Weihnachtszeit als Spezialangebot auf der Website --- bald ist es ja wieder soweit!" (aus Bodos GB)

    Aber ich hätte da mal noch einen Vorschlag für ein Weihnachtslied, das sicher noch keiner zu oft gehört hat: "Ex Miss Right" (originally performed by the Rockhouse Brothers)
    Oder wie wäre es mit "Last Christmas"?

    lg, lena

  2. Pfff, das mit Bodo ist ja wirklich verrückt haha. Bald ist es soweit?? Ja ja, nee, ist völlig klar!
    Ex Miss Right? Das Lied kenne ich nicht, aber wenn die RHB das Lied singen muss es gut und toll sein :)
    "Last Christmas" werden wir auch singen, keine Sorgen ;)

    Das Abendkonzert ist übrigens jetzt schon ausverkauft! Ich werde also auftreten in einem vollen Haus! Geil, ne? Ok, ich singe zusammen mit 1999 andere Leute aber das ist ja egal *lol*

    lg, Corine

  3. Anonymous31/8/06 16:15

    Wie das kennst du noch nicht? :O
    Das müssen wir aber mal schnell ändern...

    Jetzt schon ausverkauft? Das ist ja schlimmer als bei den Wise Guys!
    Ich seh schon: Corine wird doch noch zum Star ;-)