Friday, November 10, 2006

Just some news flashes


Tonight we got a phonecall from South-Africa. It wasn't Martins sister (she's in South Africa to work in the Krugerparc with wild animals -> to read her story and watch her pictures click HERE), but it was Aryan.

Remember Aryan? Let me refresh your memory:
Don't be afraid - he's actually quite sweet...

He's living in South-Africa with his wife Marga and their 3 months old son Daniel (what a fantastic name ;)). But, they're moving back to the Netherlands this month. First they'll move in with friends because they don't have their own house.. yet. But today, he called us to tell us they've found a house and it's only one block away from our house. If we both stand on our balcony in the future, we'll almost be able to see each other *fun*.

So I guess I'll be invited to wallpaper / paint in a few weeks.


I need to translate a text to German. It's a promotional flyer for the next Choir Day in Hengelo. Martin and I offered to help organising it, after we worked as a volunteer during the Choir Day 2006. Apart from choirs and vocal groups from the Netherlands, we want groups from Germany as well. And guess who is slowly becoming the contact to Germany... ;) I can feel it coming...

But, I probably need a little help from my Deutschlehrerin...


We lost the volleybal game tonight :/


Next week we'll receive the pictures the photographer made during our wedding! We're so curious! We'll probably upload some more pictures to our online photo album next week as well. And for those who are promised to become some pictures: Be patient please, just know I didn't forget about you!


No more news. I'm going to bed, good night ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Hey, so ne automatische Benachrichtigung ist ne tolle Erfindung!
    Auch wenn ich die erst mal aus'm Spam fischen musste... ;)

    Klar, deine Deutschlehrerin ist natürlich stets zu Diensten.

    *Relativ hör, winke und wegrenn*

  2. SPAM??? naja... ;)
    I'm working on the translation right now. But I'm at my parents house, and I miss my dictionary...

    Anyway, I forgot about one thing:


    I've got a new wintercoat! Picture will follow :)


    Yesterday I saw Zuma again. Will I write a report or not? ... don't know yet...