Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to november

And welcome to 8 degrees Celcius brrrrrrr

Today I rediscovered why I need a new winter coat. Not only because it's 4 (or 5?) years old already, but also because last year the zipper broke.... I forgot about it.

Only one question remains: When do I have time to go shopping? :/


  1. Anonymous2/11/06 10:12

    Ask Nini: There seems to be time on the street in Bamberg.
    ...even to spend three hours at a hairdresser's ;-)

    Do you want to come shopping with us tomorrow?
    We wanted to visit the Tchibo outlet store anyway... Maybe there are winter coats?

  2. Anonymous2/11/06 14:36

    Btw: It's snowing(!) in Bamberg... brrrrrrrrr

  3. Anonymous2/11/06 16:55

    That's exactely what I wanted to say. Like last year it's snowing when the Wise Guys perform their "Spezialnacht". So drive savely and try to find a winter coat before your journey here. I weren't successful in finding one today...


  4. Shopping tomorrow?? I'd love to! but I need to work tomorrow.....

    SNOWING?????????????!!??? omg..... *hilfe* Brauchen wir jetzt Winterreifen??? diehamwirnich.... :/