Sunday, April 20, 2008

A child for your birthday

A couple of years ago, Martin kept telling me he wanted to be a daddy when he was 30. He changed his mind, as you could see - addition to the family will probably happen one day, but not yet!

Martins 30th birthday was last Friday and our nephew Stephan visited us and also spent the night at our place. We felt a little bit like a small family! Stephan is so cute. He's an easy boy to handle and he is almost always happy. We found out he doesn't like peanut butter and he also doesn't like the slide in the playground. But he loves to play with us and with his ball and he observed our guinea-pig very cautiously. He also likes to squash peas and throw them on the floor. He can come over more often!

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  1. Anonymous2/5/08 04:06

    Hihi have you and Martin given a name for your not-yet-kid already?
    My mummy and father-in-law want us to have baby after married already.. :p but, both of Salman and I planned to have baby 2 years after married. (To me, at least 2 years later:p)