Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekend on Wednesday

"Tell me, why are you applying for this internship?" I asked a dozen times today. I had 12 job interviews and now I've got a headache ;) But it was fun though. I remembered being a student and applying for an internship myself (seven years ago! I'm getting older....) - how nervous I was and how exciting it was! Today, on the other side of the table, I felt 100% relaxed and I sometimes felt a little sorry for seeing the young girls (nope, no boys at all) sweating and searching for the right answers.

And now, Wednesday evening, my weekend has already started!! Not without reason: Tomorrow afternoon we'll visit my brother, because he will take his doctoral degree at the university. I've got to be dressed properly, common clothes like jeans are not allowed... hmmm... help!! I don't know what to wear!
On Friday it's Martins 30th birthday! Partytime!!

I just got home from work and found 22 new messages in my personal mailbox and 6 in my festival mailbox. Luckily the 28 messages were quickly ordered into 12 not really important ones which could be deleted pretty quickly, 10 informing ones which can be filed after reading, and 6 important ones which need an answer quickly. Besides mail, I want to finish two big cappella reports for my website and I want to select and edit the pictures I made during the Basix concert. Don't worry, I won't get bored!

But first, I've got to do the dishes. And that will be the last thing I do today. I'm totally done for today! Good night :)

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