Friday, April 11, 2008

The last game....

I'm about to leave the house to play my very, very, very last volleybal game. It will be the last game for me, because I'll quit playing after this season. I feel relieved actually. But first, I have to find some energy to get through the next couple of hours.
The past few days were too full and I definitely didn't get enough sleep... tomorrow and Sunday won't be different. I could use some free hours to catch up with my e-mail and to write a concert report (I saw BaSix this week)... but I guess I'll have to do it after the game tonight. I hope I'll be home soon and I wish I can finish my "to-do-list" before 23.00 tonight...
Tomorrow will be fun though: Festival for vocal ensembles, with (again!) BaSix during the Afterparty :) I just hope I can enjoy it without continuous yawning... ;)


  1. Anonymous12/4/08 10:33

    Kennst Du den Ausdruck "Mir fällt ein Stein vom Herzen."? Irgendwie klingt mir das ganz so ...
    Viel Spaß heute, mit BaSix und überhaupt und lass Dich nicht von den ToDo-Listen erdrücken, ja?
    Liebe Grüße aus dem sonnigen Hamburg,

    Ja ja, die ersten warmen Tage ... :)

  2. Anonymous12/4/08 19:23

    zo bezig bezig? :p
    just to tell you that I still keep reading your blog ^ u <

    Take care!

  3. Lena: Genau so fühle ich mich. In den Niederländen fällt aber ein Scheit (oder Klotz) vom Rücken.
    Meine to-do-list geht es eigentlich ganz gut ;)

    Gloria: Good, thank you! That means I should write more in English! I'll try, ok?

    I'm doing 100% fine now, the music yesterday gave me so much energy, I even woke this morning before my alarmclock woke me! And I only slept for 7 hours, which is short for me, especially after a week like this :)