Sunday, May 25, 2008

Free publicity! or not

This afternoon I drove to Almelo with the five men from Amusing, because there was a small festival in a park with some choirs. Their idea was, to stand at the entrance of the park, sing some songs and promote our festival in Hengelo. I joined them to make pictures and to film some songs for YouTube. The problem was, there was no festival. Rob was wrong, he somehow mixed up the dates. It took a few phonecalls to find this out though ;)
The men decided to drive to Haaksbergen, because the shops were open there today - according to Rob. Maybe we should have been wiser, because he was wrong again and we ended up in a quiet, deserted city center. Luckily there was a little café where we had a drink (or two). After that we drove back home.
On one hand a very useless afternoon, on the other hand a nice one because we had fun :) But next time I'll double check Robs findings!!

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