Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's frustrating sometimes.... we would go out today with friends and their family, we would visit a touristic place in the Netherlands with Linlins parents who are here from China. But yesterday evening Martin and I ran into problems when we were finalizing and checking the time plan for the festival. So we'll be at home today, solving the problems, because the time plan has to be finished on Wednesday. Tomorrow evening, my mother-in-law will be back from holiday and during the day we want to finish moving the things from her garage and garden. But we can only do so, when the time plan for the festival has finished.

We just feel a little bit stressed...

Martin is working on php right now, I can't do much to help him. Let's run some frustrations away, before it gets too hot again. I'll be so glad when this all is over...


  1. Anonymous11/5/08 14:15

    Well, don't get too frustrated, that's not good for your health...

    I'm sure it will all work out just fine, as allways. :-) Just a few more weeks. And yeah, I know it's easy to say for me... ;-p

    Haven't you found a sort of tea to help you prevent stress yet?

    A relaxing hug,

  2. Anonymous11/5/08 15:30

    Guter Plan jedenfalls, das nur noch in diesem Jahr zu machen! *nick*

    Lasst Euch nicht (zu sehr) stressen, habt hoffentlich auch noch ein paar schöne Momente an diesem Wochenende und sonst ... Vielleicht mal zwischendurch das Lurch-Lied singen? Oder Tscheng-Tscheng? ;-)

    Ein ganz dickes Tschakka aus Deutschland!

  3. Anita: Drinking tea, with this temperatures? ;)


    We're halfway now, I think (and hope!).


  4. Anonymous12/5/08 21:58

    Well... Actually it's better for your body to drink something hot with high temperatures.

    If you have a very cold drink, your body has to work hard to get it to the right temperature to digest. And I don't have to explain what happens when your body works hard...

    So as silly as it may sound, tea is the best option in every way!! ;-)