Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And now?

- big house
- big garage
- nice bathroom, nice kitchen, nice toilet, nice rooms
- we like it!
- we can pay it

- who needs a normal toilet and a urinal in the bathroom?
- will the pretty big road on the back of the house cause a lot of noise inconvenience?


And now?
We'll go out geocaching tonight and sleep a night :)


  1. Anonymous29/7/08 20:37

    You forgot one pro: The German street name. :)
    I wish you the right decision for your dreams!

    PS: Why do I automatically answer in the same language your entries are written? I just have to learn Dutch. ;)

  2. Anonymous30/7/08 11:17

    Well in my opinion the urinal shouldn't be a real "Con". Sure, you won't need it. But it seems to be better having something you don't need than the other way round.

    You will get used to a huge road behind your house. It takes some time, but it works. I used to live near a railway line as a child and I can't remember waking up. Today there's the B73 right behind our garden with our bedroom window in excactely that direction. It is moisy but these days I can sleep with an open window.

    So I wish you all the best for your decision. You'll make the right one, I'm sure.

    Lots of love,

  3. I agree... I also think I will get used to that road, but Martin is doubting more than I do right now.

    We're also waiting for an e-mail now, with a report of the construction situation (with the technical or architectural shortcomings and so on). Maybe that will make things more clear... we'll see...