Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where's my sun?

I thought the sun would start shining again today? But where is it? Somewhere behind a big layer of clouds... :/ It's not even trying to peek through...
Looking at it positively: If it would be sunny and warm I would probably be even more frustrated not having a garden. If it would be sunny and warm, it would soon be too hot on our little balcony.
The past couple of hours I've been searching the internet for houses. I want to move on now, but every house we find is too expensive, too old, too ugly, too small or in a wrong neighborhood. It's hard to be patient... Where is the sun in my head? I feel cloudy myself and I don't know how to make my sun peek through right now. It seems so impossible to find a perfect house. Can anybody cheer me up with something fun or nice, please?

1 comment:

  1. We made a bicycle tour through the city yesterday, 15 km. I saw streets and places I'd never seen before. We saw 9 more or less interesting houses and the sun even started shining again. In the air and in my head :)
    Today we continue our search. What a nice way to spend your holiday ;)