Saturday, October 15, 2005

Volley adventures (1)

Somehow I managed to play damn well last night in our fourth volleyball match. I don't know how, it just all went so well! Wow, what a great feeling it was. The match was exciting, except for the last set where we totally messed up. We lost that one. But, we had won the first three sets which gives us a 3-1 victory. Untill now, we've been performing very well together. Let's keep an overview here:

Esch Stars D1 - VC Hengelo D1: 1-3: WON
VC Hengel D1 - Rosstars D2: 3-2: WON
WVC Volley D2 - VC Hengelo D1: 4-0: lost
VC Hengelo D1 - Akku-Fit/Savicao D6: 3-1: WON

Our position in the competition can be found here (it will be updated every monday).

I hope we can continue just like this and I hope I'm not just having a lucky week now. It feels so good. I've never played any better. And that, after a week full of busy things and stress. I think I hit it all away. The ball is my worries and I'm just gonna kick them away, yeah! ;)


  1. Hey, Congratulations!

    "The ball is my worries and I'm just gonna kick them away, yeah!" - I like that sentence, it sounds so powerfull...
    Keep on fighting this way and bring out the best of your stressfull time! *tschakka!*

    love, lena

  2. thank you so much :)
    Today I don't feel so powerfull, because I'm a bit ill. But luckely Martin managed to open meine Dose Hustpastillen (siehe Bericht oben) :P

    And I think i'm feeling a bit zweisprächig Heute *g*