Friday, November 25, 2005

Merry Christmas...............

I love snow. I love the pretty trees and the landscape covered with a white blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall while you are sitting comfortably in your warm living room.

BUT I HATED THE SNOW TODAY!!!!! I've never been so scared driving the car. It was terrible and afterwards I was trembling all over. Too much snow, too many cars. It took me an hour to drive the final 10 km home!! The final 3 km I could only drive 5 km/h!!! I've never been so glad to be at home.
OK, just had to say that.
Today it took me 90 minutes to get home. Normally it takes 45 minutes. Silly thing, in the north of NL there was no snow at all. Only those final 10 km were terrible.
It took Martin 90 minutes to get home as well (on his bike), normally it takes him 30 minutes. He ignored the cycle track, for it was impossible and dangerous to drive there (trees and branches were falling because of the heavy weight of the snow), so he cycled on the road at the same speed as the cars.
Busses were not driving today
The highway was closed or totally jammed.

I hate snow.... when you have to get somewhere >:[
Else I love it :)

Love, Corine

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