Sunday, November 20, 2005

My new addiction?

As some of you know, Martin is singing in a choir. This year they are celebrating a jubilee, for the choir was founded in 1980. Yesterday evening there was a party for all choir members + partners. We were invited in De Rustende Jager where we played Black Jack and Roulette! We started with 400 dollar each. Martin and I put our money together so we had 800 dollars to gamble... Everybody started really carefully, betting with 10 or 20 dollars, but during the evening people were losing themselves in the game and betting with hunderds of dollars hahahaha. Probably this was caused by the fact the dollars only had value within these four walls, hahahaha.

The roulette wasn't really my type of thing, for it's a pure game of chance. Black Jack was more fun, for you really have to think along with the game. And you can win more money with it :D Some people lost all the money they had, but we doubled it! Together we ended up with 1760 dollar :P Such a pity this wasn't real money *g*

At the end of the evening I was so very tired, 'cause I had played a volleyball game that afternoon which had been exhausting! (but we've won it :D) So don't say I've got small eyes on the next picture ;)

More pictures of this evening can be found at the website of the Evergreenkoor'80 (foto's -> koorfeest).


  1. Hihi, maybe we'll find Corine in Las Vegas next year, wasting all her money... :p
    No, to be honest: It must have been an interesting experience to do what normally is only seen in James Bond movies. And with no risk of loosing real money...

    I also checked out the other pictures: What did you have to eat? And what was this action with the balloons?

    I wish you a great and first of all relaxing sunday!

    Love, lena

  2. What did we have to eat? does it look so weird? There were meatballs with sauce, sateh, ham with mushrooms, different salads, different cheeses on baguette. *mmmm* :P I only didn't try the mussels....

    And the balloons: In the end we had an auction, we could bet with our earned money. During that auction we had to buy our prices. But, eventually almost everybody ended up with a little price. The prices were packed in boxes and in the boxes were also some balloons. And some people gave the balloons static electricity (know what that is? translated litteraly from dutch...) so they could 'stick' to the ceiling.

    And today is really so relaxing indeed. Nothing planned today, we slept long and tidied up the house a bit, and now we are surfing the net, listening to music and watching tv, etc. Relaxxxx :)

    Wish you a happy sunday too!