Sunday, April 02, 2006


I'm so happy. My new website lay-out is finally finished. And I'm so proud of it! Yesterday I had a brilliant flash of inspiration and I made new buttons for the left menu (third and last attempt). Today I created beautiful "mouse-over" effects. The result is beautiful, if you ask me. I can't stop moving my mouse over the buttons and see the effects *hihi*.

Now all I have to do is move all the pages into the new lay-out. That will take a while, because I have to check all the links in all the pages. But the 'release date' of my new website might be sooner than I expected!

I'm hearing the House Jacks, they are my newest discovery in the a cappella world. A cool rockband, with a vocal percussion and guitar sounds... you'll faint if you hear it. Amazing what they can do with their voices. So I'm having a great time here :) And I might just call today a pyjamas day. Why getting dressed if I'll go to bed tonight again anyway? ;)

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