Friday, April 07, 2006


We lost the volleyball game tonight. With 3-2. But......... we're out of the danger zone :D We've gathered enough points to stay in second class. So actually we should be happy. But we weren't that happy about the game. We should have won it. We could have won it.

When I cycled back home I got soaked wet, because it was pouring! What a great night. Now I'm back home and I'm doubting whether or not I am going to finish my Wise Guys concert report. Maybe I should go to sleep and finish it tomorrow. But I love to work on it so much! I really do. Else I won't write those terribly long reports. I wish Martin came home. He's at a friends house tonight. But I need him to make my new email page functioning. For some reason I can't fix the bug. If the email page is functioning, I can put my new website online. Same content, different lay-out.

Look what I got tonight: A huge chocolate easter egg *yummmmmmm*
I got it for the volunteer work I do in my volleyball club. And I'm going to eat it now! *yumyum*

And I might just finish the report tonight...

Hmmm... I'm rereading my entry here and for some reason it sounds quite sad. But I'm not sad at all! :) Just feeling ok. Tired maybe?

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