Sunday, April 30, 2006

Royalty Proms

April 30. is Queensday in the Netherlands. This year, the party would be on Saturday 29. April, because for some reason people can't party on a Sunday ;) I'm not really a Queensday party animal myself, and I'm not really patriotic or whatsoever. But tonight Martin had to perform with his choir and he promised me a spectaculair evening. Martin was busy all afternoon, rehearsing with the choir and soundchecking in the theater. I made a walk through the overcrowded city center and finally found the poffertjes-stand during my third round :P After some delicious poffertjes I got home quickly because it was too cold and unfortunately a bit rainy.
Although I'm not really patriotic, I put on my orange t-shirt, my orange socks, my blue jeans, my red jacket and I felt really Dutch. Together with my parents, Remco and Anne we arrived at the Rabotheater quite early and waited anxiously for the evening to get started. The concert would take place in the big hall and all the (free) tickets were "sold out".

Performing together were: Concordia, Evergreen-Koor '80, Jeroen van Haagen (tenor), Patrick Curfs (I've never heard a better saxofonist!) and the band Cool Credit (they honoured their name).

Oh what a night! It was really great to be here and listen to the music. Martin didn't promise us too much.
During the waltzes I schunkelt with my mother ;) and I walked around playing the official Evergreen-Koor '80 photographer (I always enjoy doing that). Remco was making pictures as well and we started a silly competition who could take the best pictures ;) The audience was in a good mood and the conductor was acting silly all the time. E.g. he got a beer and drank it in one draft before continuing the next song. On Queensday you can do anything you like.

- Also sprach Zarathustra
- Sabeldans
- La Gazza Ladra
- Music was my first love
- Against all odds
- Fortuna imperatrix mundi (from Carmina Burana)
- Some enchanted evening
- This nearly was mine
- Fliegermarsch

- Slavenkoor (Hebrews' Chorus from Nabucco)
- The last rose of summer
- Vilja (from Die lustige Witwe)
- Baker Street
- Mc Arthurpark
- Nocturne
- Carnaval in Venice
- The Exodus Song
- I can see clearly now
- Comedians Gallop

- Land of Hope and Glory
- You'll never walk alone
- Wilhelmus (national anthem)

More pictures can be found on the website of the Evergreen-Koor '80 soon.


  1. Anonymous30/4/06 20:03

    Orange T-Shirt? Funny that you're mentioning it: I have one here, too, hanging down my curtain rail and saying "ich trau' mich nicht"...
    You definitively should buy such a thing for next Queensday!
    Let's bet nobody will understand the meaning ;-)

  2. mmm.... good idea.... ;)
    I saw your t-shirt in your blog yeah. Really cool. Though the text is rather small, don't you think?

  3. Anonymous1/5/06 21:03

    Joa, die Schrift ist wirklich ein bisschen klein; aber nicht ZU klein. Ich finde das eher passend zu Bodos Humor... Hm, wie erklärt man das am besten? Der ist auch oft so "subtil" (Kennst du das Wort? Mir fällt gerade kein passenderes ein...): Man kapiert's nicht gleich - aber wenn man's kapiert hat, ist's klasse.

  4. Das Wort "subtil" kenne ich. Auf Niederländisch heißt es "subtiel". Und ich verstehe genau was du schreibst :)