Saturday, February 10, 2007


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :P
Official (Dutch) name: "Profiteroles met witte-chocholavulling". But I think they're just "soesjes" (with white chocolate filling).
German or English name: ???

*Nice and very sweet.
*High chance of making a mess while eating.
*Big washing-up in the kitchen - which is not so bad when your mother in law drops by and offers to help you.

Conclusion: A lot of fun - but never again.

Now lets wait for my sister and her boyfriend to arrive and see what they think of it. They're taking us out for dinner today (belated marriage gift haha) and are staying over tonight :) We were also going to play pool, but we have to cancel that because Martin bruised his arm and he can't really use it. He can hardly fold a piece of paper... If it doesn't get better soon, he even needs to have physiotherapy...


  1. Anonymous26/2/07 06:33

    It looks very sweet indeed~ hihi

  2. Hi,

    I happened to bump into your "soesjes" You should definitely have a look at this:

    Should you live near Rotterdam I really suggest you try one. they not only have sweet soesjes but they also have Spicy.. Almost unbelievable, but soesjes with Salmon, Cheese and many more. Amazingly tasty.

    With best regards,

    Piet Nutbey
    The Netherlands