Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Home cinema / guest room

Some people are interested in our home cinema, so here are some pictures. It will take a while before we can watch movies in this room, though. This room is also the place where guests can sleep. Because my family and many of our friends don't live close by, this room will probably be used for this purpose more often at first.

Here you can see Beddinge, which is a couch but also a bed for two persons, and Klubbo, which is the table (hurray for Ikea and its beautiful names...haha), and the beautiful "cinema-red" carpet:

Who wants to come over and be the first one to test Beddinge? ;)

And this is how we'll watch movies in the future:


  1. Anonymous4/2/09 18:20

    nice very nice!

    Ik hoop dat we er vaak gebruik van kunnen maken! En dat we dan gezellige dingen kunnen doen!

  2. Anonymous4/2/09 21:44

    We'll test it. And that's a threat ... ;-)