Friday, February 13, 2009

Show must go on

Question: Thursday night, Rock4 is playing in Enschede. They're playing "A Night at the Opera", which Corine has seen twice already. Corine has choir rehearsal every Thursday night, also in Enschede. What would she do?

I attended the choir rehearsal! Never thought I would do that, didn't you? ;) But I just like singing so much and because I'm singing in a small choir, I don't want to miss it too often. Martin and his mother wanted to see Rock4 and because they needed transport, I had to drop them off at the theater. Man, that's a bit annoying, I wanted to go with them!

Singing with the choir was fun and I didn't regret. But when I got the chance to leave a little bit early, I left and drove to the theater, hoping to get the chance to sneak in... it was just after ten. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to get in, because I was told that "these men only sing, without music" and I would disturb the show. Ok, I could understand, I know I might disturb them, but I just wanted it so badly! *grrrr*

Ten seconds later, Jeanine came out (she's the manager of Rock4) because she had to prepare the CD stand. When she saw me, she told me to get in. They were going to sing one more song! Show must go on! Yeah! And so I got the chance to see Rock4 with their new man. Thank you Jeanine, you made my day! :)

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