Wednesday, February 11, 2009

House make over

This is the new living room about a week ago, with our old furniture:

This is the new living room yesterday, with some old and new furniture, and with McDull peeping over the edge of his cage:

And this is the new living room tonight, with the new couch:


  1. Anything bought in IKEA :3 I enjoy to walk around in IKEA with Salman in HK always, buying some thick potato chips, having a hotdog is just perfect after it, hehe~ Remember the tree with ants while we were biking to IKEA? It was raining, too, toch? I shared about it with Salman lately :p

  2. Yes, of course I remember! When I see that tree, I often have to think of you.
    That was fun. I think it was raining a bit that day.