Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a few more days.....

Somewhere in the first week of May, my new website will be online. It just had to happen now!

For those who want to have a look at the old site, here's your last chance!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


...ich habe gerade entdeckt, dass wir die Wise Guys in diesem Jahr wahrscheinlich gar nicht sehen können. Ich wollte eigentlich noch Karten für das Konzert in Osnabrück kaufen (November), aber da ich an dem Abend Generalprobe für zwei große Konzerte mit 'meinem' Chor habe wird das wohl nichts. Dann gibt es noch die Möglichkeit, Ende Juni nach Köln zu fahren für das Konzert im Tanzbrunnen, aber Martin hat keine Lust auf ein Stehkonzert, ich will nicht alleine, und am nächsten Tag "müssen" wir auch schon nach Vocaldente, dann wäre das WE auch ein bisschen zu voll, mit zuviel Fahrerei.
Gibt es nur noch eine einzige Lösung: Wir fahren für ein Sommerwochenende nach Borkum, inkl. Konzert.
Eigentlich gar keine schlechte Idee.
Ein Jahr ohne Wise Guys kann doch nicht sein?
Martin?? Können wir mal reden?

My modern grandmother

My grandmother is 83 years old and some years ago, she got a computer and I taught her how type and how to send e-mail. Her handwriting is very bad, so now she can communicate with people by writing e-mail or by writing a text in Word, printing it and sending it as a normal letter. It is fantastic how she learned this and I'm proud of her!
Today my mother had to come over, to "put a new pen into the printer" (a new cartridge). My grandmother has got a printer which can also copy and fax papers. In the printer my mother found not only blank sheets of paper, there was also a CD in it. My grandmother had tried to copy it for one of her relatives. Apparently she does know it is possible to copy CD's, but how to do it? I'm already looking forward to her next e-mail, in which she might tell me all about her attempt to copy a CD ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Round NL

Yesterday it was my mothers birthday, but we decided to visit our new-born nephew first. It was only a "little" detour - we didn't mind. After 450 km and having seen many relatives we got back home and found a hungry cat waiting for us :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's the 12th of April and I haven't blogged anything in April yet! It must be the beautiful weather, I'm outside in our garden most of the time right now. I've removed old leaves and lots of weeds and I've been staining the banisters (finally got that job done). In the meantime I'm working on my new website every now and then, with help from Martin. The website will be published in the first week of May! Promised!
Martin has been searching for the right cables and speakers to make our home cinema ready. A friend is coming over tonight and then we'll watch the first movie together! It's really cool :)
I've also become an aunt again yesterday! My second nephew is born and we'll go and see him tomorrow :) So we're busy and happy!