Sunday, September 27, 2009

Join the Real Community

With Facebook as a main tool to communicate with friends and stay up to date with lots of people and vocal groups around the world, this blog is slowly becoming unnecessary. My main interest at the moment is expanding my 'a cappella collection', by finding and listening to new vocal groups.

The scope of content at Facebook is growing enormously, and an attempt to do networking there, in a qualitative manner, easily disappears in the everyday flow of info about people's various activities.

So, what I need, is a site with a focus on one field of human activity: the world of vocal music. The Real Group launched a website for this purpose only and I'd like to invite all my friends in the vocal world to join this community.

Maybe, one day, Facebook will become unnecessary for me as well. And so we move on, and move on, and move on, and move on.