Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Greek salad

Because we are feeling in a Greek mood and because we didn't feel like extensive cooking, we decided to have a Greek salad with some fried fries for dinner today. Doesn't it look tasty?

And now, I'm going to see if the pretty little ovenproof dishes I bought on Kefalonia are really ovenproof. For some reason, I'm a little scared they aren't. So I'll make a little apple pie or something to check. And then later, if they are proven ovenproof, I can make moussaka or little Kefalonian meat pies! :P

We're home!

Hallo everybody, we're back home again. Kefalonia is such a beautiful island and we would love to go back again one day (tomorrow?). We've fallen in love with the nice people we met there, the beautiful nature and the very good food. The temperature here in the Netherlands is terrible and it's raining! I can only hope the summer still has to come, because we are planning to go camping at the end of August.

Right now, 1100 pictures need to be sorted out and some of them will be put online in the following days. Just be patient ;)
E-mails will be answered in the following days as well.

One teaser picture to make you longing for more: (click to enlarge)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

72 Stunden

Martin hat mir gerade erzählt, dass es uns 72 Stunden, 31 Minuten und 56 Sekunden kosten würde, wenn wir unsere A Cappella Musik Sammlung komplett anhören möchten. Da sind aber bestimmt doppelte Songs dabei, aber irgendwie hatte ich keine Lust ihm das zu erzählen. Ich will gar nicht wissen wie viel Zeit es kosten würde, die doppelte Sachen raus zu filtern.
Unser "Pirates of the Carribean" Sonntag war aber auch toll. Insgesamt 7 Stunden und 41 Minuten. Joho! Savvy?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sushi party - part 1

Last week, we made sushi with friends. We've done it before, but it's a long time ago. Because not everybody could view all the pictures, I cut the post in three... maybe it helps...

In the kitchen, the ingredients are being prepared:

In the meantime, Martin is installing Linux on our new server...

...and little Daniel is crawling on the floor. The empty bottle is fascinating him. It won't take long before he can walk:

Making sushi is quite a lot of work. Especially when there are 10 people for dinner.

Sushi party - part 2

Daniels daddy Aryan is helping out a lot.

When he wakes up later, he is expecting the sushi to be finished, but we have to disappoint him... 2kg of rice makes a lot of sushi and is a lot of work. We're pretty scared there won't be enough food..... ;)

Sushi party - part 3

Isn't it pretty?

The tricky thing about sushi is the sauce you eat it with. Soja sauce and wasabi. Wasabi is a greenisch Ogre snot likely paste which is very, very, very hot. Today we had two different kinds of wasabi. Left, the wasabi powder dissolved in water, right the original Japanese wasabi. The original turned out to be much, much hotter.

The fun thing about eating sushi, is a couple of men who are showing off by putting a lot of wasabi on the sushi. Today, only one of them almost choke in it. Don't try this at home ;)