Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holiday: Tidy up DAY 3

Oh ja, I told you I had three days to tidy up right? I almost forgot... I didn't do anything today *hehe* Well, I did quite a lot of things, but the pictures from yesterday are very much how it looks like today ;)

So what did I do today? Well, I listened to Léon, der kleine Löwe and I've been working on my top secret project *lalala*, I went to the supermarket, cleaned McDulls cage. Checked all the websites I like and made dinner for three, while Dennis was coming over for dinner.

There is one thing that's positive, what the tidying up concerns: Martin brought a saw to shorten the ladder. I wonder if we will shorten it in 2005 or in 2006. My guess: 2006.

Jetzt schaue ich Scheibenwischer - Gala auf der ARD. Es soll die Wise Guys geben, aber bis jetzt ist es nur langweiliges Geschwätz.... naja, was solls. Hack ich halt Holz.

Guten Rutsch! :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday: Tidy up DAY 2

This room seems ok, doesn't it? It's our guest room, and the only thing you shouldn't mention are the boxes on top of the closet on the right, and the shelves with boxes behind the fleece blankets ;) Some of these boxes needs to be put on the attic, the ones on the shelves will just stay there, I guess. I will probably put some shelves on the left wall later, for I need more book space! On the left the yellow spread covers Martins old bed. There are two mattresses on top of it, one of them can be put on the floor so right now we have quite a comfortable guest room for two guests.

So, maybe you're thinking I've finished tidying up already, but that's not completely true. The computerroom is still a mess. Most things here need to be put on the attic, but we can't reach it so easily yet. So.... maybe I'll give it a try today, but I guess it's safer to do this with Martin together. Our attic can be reached through a small trapdoor in our bedroom. It's too small for a folding ladder. But, since last week we got a ladder which we intend to put on the attic, in a way we can let it slide down whenever we need to get up there. The only problem is the fact this ladder is about 30 cm too long, so it can't make the angle it needs to make, to get up the attic. So we need to shorten it before we can use it in the way we want to.

This story is really interesting, isn't it? I'm wondering who will read it *g*

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday: Tidy up DAY 1

I'm free this week!!!!! On the one hand, this week has many planned activities, such as the visitings at both christmas days. On Sunday we celebrated christmas with my family, on Monday with Martins family. Ordinary maybe, but fun, and the food was great. Then I'll have a "girlsday" on Friday, with four friends. We don't know what we'll be doing that day exactly, but it will probably look like this: eating chocolate, cookies and candy, watching a movie none of our boyfriends/husbands ever wants to see, cook together, and all together with a lot of chatting.
By the way, I'm still doubting whether I shall bring my WG-DVD collection... *dumtidum* I wonder if they'd appreciate it ;)

New Years Eve also has to be celebrated of course, so that leaves three free days without any planned activities. I could sleep long and do nothing all day, enjoying my holiday every minute, but that would leave me with an unsatisfying feeling. The point is, actually I should really tidy up the mess it is upstairs in the computer room and the guest room... So I decided to spend my days sleeping pretty long AND tidying up the rooms. Maybe you are wondering why there is such a mess. Well, that's quite simple, we moved into this house two years ago, and some boxes just still needs to be unpacked.... other things just need to be sorted out.

Results of Day 1:

  • Reduced my schoolpapers (reports, assignments) from 6 files to 3 files: 2 boxes of paper now waiting to be picked up by the paper-recycling-people.

  • Refound some old hobby-tinkerthings: packed in a bag and will be given to my cousins next Saturday

  • Filled 1 big rubbish bag with rubbish and threw it in the garbage can

  • Shocking fact:
    I noticed most of the boxes that still needs to be unpacked or sorted out, belong to Martin....

    Martin????????? when will you have a holiday???

    Thursday, December 22, 2005


    Just want to show you something I made this week with the kids at work:

    Isn't it cute?
    Merry Christmas to you :)

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    My 2005

    Your 2005 Song Is

    Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

    "This shit is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S)"

    For you, 2005 was the Best Year Ever.

    What??? I don't even like this song!! It's one of the most stupid songs of 2005! How can it be my 2005 Song? Stupid test ;)

    But, 2005 might just be my best year ever. I had a lot of fun during this year. I just had to live it this way, I needed to feel happy and experience new things. Meeting a lot of German Wise Guys Fans probably was the highlight of this year, and part of my 'unwritten and slowly-through-the-year-defined goal' for 2005, which by the way, can best be described as "Gib jedem Tag die Chance, der schönste deines Lebens zu werden" (Nochmals danke an lena für diesen Spruch!!!)

    OK, das hier ist mal wieder einer von meinen Denglisch Posts... sorry for that.. :P

    Anyway, this year was no shit at all, and bananas are also not part of the 2005 summary. Maybe I should find another test with a correct anwser ;)

    Saturday, December 17, 2005

    A lot a Pottah!

    Potter Marathon Weekend! Yeaaaah!!! ;) We started yesterday, watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Well, "we" isn't exactly true, for I had to play volleybal so I missed only this part. But Martin watched it with his mom and his sister. This morning at 10am we were awake and ready to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And at 1.30pm Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban was scheduled.


    Martin and I had seen the movies before, but his mom and sister didn't. But luckely they liked it. We had dinner together in an Egyptian restaurant here in the city center, it's a restaurant we've been many times before. We choose the same food every time, but it's just good :) And after dinner we went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Good movie it was ;)

    By the way, Dutch translations can be very funny. I've read the Potter books in English, and during the movies I hardly read the subtitles actually... but isn't it silly that in Dutch Cedric Diggory is called Carlo Kannewasser? I mean: why translate/change the names so radicaly?? In Dutch Hermione Granger is called Hermelien Griffel, but that sounds quite alike. Question to my German readers: You've got all movies dubbed into German, but at least you've got the same names, haven't you? Or are the names changed into something German as well?

    Going to sleep now, dreaming of "Alohamora" and "Expecto Patronus" and so on. Hopefully I won't get scary nightmares cause dark and difficult times lie ahead.... ;)

    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    In the mood for x-mas

    We're in the mood for x-mas! So we searched for our x-mas tree in the attic and all the other x-mas decorations. Let the pictures speak for themselves :P

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Present mood: Just greeeeaat!!

    I'm happy, confused as well (is it really true?), I feel valued, I feel loved! Still can't believe it's for real!!!

    I was already preparing for January, the unemployment... I've spent the last months searching for new vacancies, most of the time unsuccessfully, I've been turned down in two interviews. In my mind I was already saying good bye to the kids at work and my dear colleagues. I wasn't looking forward to our x-mas celebration at work, for it would be my final day there as well.


    I CAN STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally (!!!) the board of directors realises they can't cut back in the primary proces of treatment of these kids. Without me there would be a huge problem, actually. Finally they gave their approval for this, and they've made me and my collegues very, very happy.

    And that, together with the smile that's been on my face since last Sunday's Wise Guys concert, is making this week the best week of the year :D

    [sigh] :D

    Now please give me my contract, so I can sign it, and so I can see it's not a joke...

    Monday, December 05, 2005

    Kurzbericht Wise Guys in Wesel 04.12.05

    Hach, wie geil war das? Suuuuuupergeil! *g*
    Ich werde heute anfangen ein Konzertbericht zu schreiben (für, also, mit Details. Jetzt schon ein paar Bilder und ein paar kleine Berichte.

    @Purzl: Es hat super geklappt! Däns Reaktion wenn ich ihm die Vla gegeben habe: "GEIL!!" (I still don´t quite understand this.... german people and vla.... weird experience haha) Und dann hat er mich geknuddelt :D
    Oh ja, Flyli, was machst du da eigentlich? Möchtest du auch Vla haben?? *laaach*

    @Flyli: Hehe, du hast gelachen!!! Kompliment! ;) *lol* Ich schicke dir das große (original) Bild von uns dreien per Mail.

    @Anke, Mareike und Flyli: Ich fands super euch (wieder) zu treffen. Ich hab wirklich gaaanz viel Spaß gehabt und fands super das wir aufgestanden sind bei "Ruf doch mal an". Glücklicherweise hattet ihr dieselbe Gedanke wie ich auf dem Moment :D

    Nach nur 5 Stunden Schlaf musste ich schon wieder arbeiten. Sinterklaas feiern mit die Kinder auf meine Arbeit.... toll..... Na, es war lustig und die Kinder waren total süß. Und jetzt bin ich schon wieder zu Hause *juhu*

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Aryan wants his picture here

    Yesterday we had a lot of things to do. First we helped Martins grandparents move into their new home. We found out old people have a lot of things. I think I unpacked about 6 (!!) boxes full with only cups and glasses. But, we had a lot of fun, and many family members were helping. The men were transporting boxes from the old house to the new house, the women were unpacking everything in the new house and cleaning up. What a great allocation of tasks ;) In between the unpacking and cleaning I had a lot of fun with Martins cousin Sarah.
    Notice my great Zwarte Pietencap! For my German readers, who are probably not familiar with Sinterklaas, click here and read all about this Dutch celebration.

    In the evening we celebrated Sinterklaas with friends. Celebrating Sinterklaas means presents with funny poems and a lot of candy. Actually it was just a normal average Sinterklaas evening like we have every year, but I had to write something about it in my blog, for Aryan insisted on having his picture in my blog.

    Well, so here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you: Ataryan, the craziest person on earth, he came over to the Netherlands with his wife Marga, all the way from South Africa, and was celebrating Sinterklaas with us:

    Oh... I hope I didn't scare you with this picture, dear readers.
    Let me give you another picture where Aryan looks a bit sweeter. This is Aryan after he got a present from Sinterklaas. He got a yellow rubber Ducky, and he was sooooo happy with it!

    If you want to know more about Aryan, you can check his website. But I forgot the URL... *hehe* so Aryan will have to post that himself when he leaves his comment here.

    @Aryan: happy now? ;)
    @Aryan and Marga: We'll miss you both! Have a good trip home!

    Sunday, November 27, 2005

    Runaway nach Hannover

    Gleich! Jetzt! Ich renne nach Hannover! (weil es ja mit dem Auto nicht klappt wegen Schnee) Oh man wie geil wäre es jetzt da zu sein! *ggg* Ich will da sein! hahahaha :D

    Erklärung: Ich bin gerade angerufen und hab Runaway gehört aus dem Rockhouse Brothers Konzert, LIVE! Danke lena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ich sitze hier bei Freunde, und sie haben mich ganz komisch angeguckt weil ich fettgrinsend durch's Zimmer tanzte hahaha. Supertoll!!! Es war ganz laut, sie könnten alles auch mithören hahaha.
    Meine Laune ist jetzt gaaaaanz gut! Wars schon, weil ich eine SMS bekommen habe von Maike und Steini; sie haben gestern Dän vom Kurier spielen überzeugen können!! *rotfl* Nächste Woche werde ich ganz viel Vla einkaufen müssen hahaha.
    *LACH* Meine Laune heute wird immer besser *SMILE*

    Danke Maike, Steini, lena und Nina!! HDL!!

    Saturday, November 26, 2005

    Breaking news: crashed car snowed in

    Look what happened! Our car has been snowed in! Take a look:

    The proud owners of this car are: (+Martin, who is making this picture)

    And we also accidentely parked our car against the tree....

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Merry Christmas...............

    I love snow. I love the pretty trees and the landscape covered with a white blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall while you are sitting comfortably in your warm living room.

    BUT I HATED THE SNOW TODAY!!!!! I've never been so scared driving the car. It was terrible and afterwards I was trembling all over. Too much snow, too many cars. It took me an hour to drive the final 10 km home!! The final 3 km I could only drive 5 km/h!!! I've never been so glad to be at home.
    OK, just had to say that.
    Today it took me 90 minutes to get home. Normally it takes 45 minutes. Silly thing, in the north of NL there was no snow at all. Only those final 10 km were terrible.
    It took Martin 90 minutes to get home as well (on his bike), normally it takes him 30 minutes. He ignored the cycle track, for it was impossible and dangerous to drive there (trees and branches were falling because of the heavy weight of the snow), so he cycled on the road at the same speed as the cars.
    Busses were not driving today
    The highway was closed or totally jammed.

    I hate snow.... when you have to get somewhere >:[
    Else I love it :)

    Love, Corine

    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    My grandmothers grandmother

    This is my great-grandmother, or is she my great-great-grandmother? Complicated. Anyway, she is my grandmothers grandmother and she was probably born around 1870. And I've got a picture, isn't that special? Peeling apples; is she making apple puree? or baking apple pie? who knows.... Weird feeling, this is family! Do I look like her? eh... ;)

    Sunday, November 20, 2005

    My new addiction?

    As some of you know, Martin is singing in a choir. This year they are celebrating a jubilee, for the choir was founded in 1980. Yesterday evening there was a party for all choir members + partners. We were invited in De Rustende Jager where we played Black Jack and Roulette! We started with 400 dollar each. Martin and I put our money together so we had 800 dollars to gamble... Everybody started really carefully, betting with 10 or 20 dollars, but during the evening people were losing themselves in the game and betting with hunderds of dollars hahahaha. Probably this was caused by the fact the dollars only had value within these four walls, hahahaha.

    The roulette wasn't really my type of thing, for it's a pure game of chance. Black Jack was more fun, for you really have to think along with the game. And you can win more money with it :D Some people lost all the money they had, but we doubled it! Together we ended up with 1760 dollar :P Such a pity this wasn't real money *g*

    At the end of the evening I was so very tired, 'cause I had played a volleyball game that afternoon which had been exhausting! (but we've won it :D) So don't say I've got small eyes on the next picture ;)

    More pictures of this evening can be found at the website of the Evergreenkoor'80 (foto's -> koorfeest).

    Monday, November 14, 2005

    9 aapjes in een boom *tralalali tralalala*

    Zo!!!! Het weekend zit er weer op. En wat voor een weekend. We waren compleet meiden!!!! *spring*hups*dans* jaja, dat is me toch wat he? Gut gut, wanneer zou het weer gebeuren dat we er alle 9 zijn? Of dan eigenlijk liever toch weer met 10, net als vroeger he? Alleen wordt het dan toch echt wel tijd om een huisje te reserveren waar we met z'n allen in passen hahaha. Hoewel het toch ook wel knus was zo. Tijd voor een paar groepsfotootjes dan maar, alstublieft:

    En Annemaria, je kunt dus op de fotootjes klikken, dan zie je een grotere versie :D
    En nu wel even allemaal nog leuk een berichtje achterlaten he?!!

    For those who haven't got a clue what I'm talking about: I spend two days with some friends, and we had a lot of fun. Time to relax, time to chat, time to go swimming, time to go walking. And listen, the most unbelievable thing happened: We went walking on Sunday morning at 8am, and only 3 of us stayed in bed, the other 6 were able to wake up so early!! Even Marianne!! hahahahaha. I made a lot of pictures during this walk, for the weather was so calm and nice. The sky was a bit foggy and the sun was rising. Except for the birds there was no sound at all. I loved it.

    Deze foto's zijn trouwens bewerkt, zodat ze wat kleiner in formaat zijn.
    Wilma, ik vind het echt leuk dat je de Wise Guys cd wilt hebben, het Achtung ich will tanzen was echt grappig ;P

    Zo, en dat was dan mijn eerste post hier in het Nederlands - gedeeltelijk dan.

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Blub blub blub

    As promised, some under water pictures taken during our weekend in Center Parcs. Unfortunately a lot of pictures failed because while developping the film someone made a mistake :( Such a pity, for in this swimming pool you swim next to an aquarium which is really cool. You can see tropical fish and sharks on the other side of the glass, and it's almost real, as if you are swimming with them. But those pictures are damaged...

    But here are some pics that did survive:

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Fan world ...

    Hello, you, reader!
    I just thought it would be fun to write something in my blog, but I haven't got a clue what to write about... hmmmmm.... I just finished my Montezuma concertreport from last Saturday. There are some funny pictures with the report as well. [..] Maybe that's a nice discussion thing. Isn't it fun to have a picture of you and a singer? I say yes. Then why, last Saturday only a 9 year old girl asked the guys for signatures, and my sister and I (24 and 20 years old lalala)? Is it the fact Montezuma's Revenge is still quite unfamiliar? Is it the fact most visitors are older? Are Dutch people boring? In Germany, after visiting a Wise Guys concert, there are dozens of people with camera's! But the average age is lower as well. A cappella singing is more popular in Germany, and I've got the feeling German people value a cappella singing more than Dutch people. Dutch people go to a concert and say 'hey, that was nice' - and that's it. Maybe they'll see another show again in a couple of years. German people go to a concert and are totally enthusiastic, they ask for autographs on cd's, t-shirts, arms, etc, they ask for pictures and next time they bring all their friends. Dozens of fans wear Wise Guys t-shirts, I've never seen anyone wearing Zuma-t-shirts, though they excist. Why is there such a difference in a cappella fan world, why this difference between Germany and Holland? I really think next Zuma concert in Münster will be more enthusiastic, more thrilling than this from last Saturday in NL. Silly, isn't it?

    Sunday, November 06, 2005


    Yesterday was soooo great. A beautiful concert. I'm still at my parents home, but busy writing a concertreport now. Let me give you one teaser picture:

    That's Gonneke (my sis), Hans and me

    Hans was just about to smile ;)

    Monday, October 31, 2005

    Jungle expedition

    What a weekend. Wow.
    It started on Friday (what a surprise!). I came home from work at 2 o'clock and found the Rockhouse Brothers Live CD lying on my doormat. *JUHU*!!!! I packed some final things for the weekend, while the cd was playing in our laptop (for it didn't want to play in my cd-player, ok I think the player is too old...) and waited for Martin to get home. In the meantime I got called and told I wouldn't have the job I applied for... Damn... They had some reasons for it, some I could understand, others not. For instance: They were thinking I was a solist, not a teamplayer. They were missing some team-spirits in me. What?!?!?! Nonsense. Well. I was sad for a little time, but I wasn't going to let this news going to spoil my weekend! We were having a little holiday and we were going to have fun. So I put the worries and thoughts in the back of my mind and at 3 o'clock we drove off.
    Martin had quickly put the RHB cd on our MP3 player, so we could hear it in the car (we don't have a cd-player in our car; we can only listen to radio, or connect our mp3-player with an oldfashioned tape to our radio). Rock 'n rolling through some traffic jam we arrived and settled down in our beautiful cottage. Oh, I forgot to tell the reason for this weekend. Martin had the brilliant idea to have a little holiday together, it was his birthday present for me. So we booked a cottage at Center Parcs "Het Heijderbos" two weeks ago. And actually we really needed this. To be away from home, relax and be together without others, without computers and internet and without whatever else can be disturbing when you are at home.

    I'll show you some (panorama) pictures of our cottage:

    In the evening

    Next day

    From the outside

    And now you all want to know what we did during this weekend. To tell you the truth: not much. We went swimming every day (on Sunday even twice). There is a beautiful swimming pool!! But I'll tell you about it later, because we have made pictures with an underwater camera, and as soon as they are developed I'll scan them and put them online here. Besides the swimming we've been sleeping a lot and we watched some movies on the Canal+ movie channel, cause we don't have that at home ;) And, we visited the Jungle Dome, where you can have a lot of fun when you've got kids, but where you can have as much fun if you haven't. Some pictures:

    You Tarzan,
    me Jane!!!


    The weather was unbelievable! End of October, but we could walk outside without jackets and swimming in the open air wasn't cold at all. The sun shone and made the pretty autumn colours even prettier. The wind felt like a summer breeze. And with these temperatures, we needed an icecream. Jummy...........!!

    Thank you Martin, for this fantastic weekend. *love ya*

    +note+ Underwater pictures hopefully next week! +note+

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Present mood: relieved & restful

    I'm sooooo glad it's over! What a job interview. I was so nervous! I almost couldn't eat all day and at the end of the morning I visited the toilet every 15 minutes.

    But, it didn't went that bad, actually it was just ok. I don't know if I convinced them totally, but I said the things I wanted to say, could find anwsers to most questions they asked me, and asked them the things I wanted to know. Now wait and see. They'll call me soon. I don't really care what they say, right now I'm just so glad the inteview is over.

    But first, I'm going to enjoy next weekend. We are going swimming, relaxing, sleeping, walking, .... Tell you about it on Monday.

    *watching the WG-SN-DVD and won't be doing anything else today anymore*

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Present mood: stressed & nervous

    Today I had a chat with my team coordinator at my present job, and the chance for me to be able to stay there is almost zero. He pities it as well, so do all my collegues :'( It's all because the organisation I work for is in financial troubles and they are not giving away permanent jobs so easily right now. So I really have to find myself a new job.
    Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I'll have a job interview for a permanent job elsewhere. I'm already so very nervous.......... I really want to make a good impression there. So please wish me luck! I'll have the interview with four people *eeeeek!!* and according to some inside information I received (an ex-collegue of mine is working there now) one of them is really nerve-racking and likes to have a big discussion. I'm already sweating and stammering... I really hope I'll do well.

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Corine 2005

    Dass ich (jetzt seit anderthalb Jahren) mehr und mehr deutsche Leute kennengelernt habe, und mich mehr und mehr mit der deutschen Sprache beschäftige, ist für keinen von euch eine Überraschung. Die Wise Guys sind an allem schuld. Aber dass ich noch tiefer in die deutsche Kulturwelt durchgedrungen bin, wusste wahrscheinlich keiner von euch. Ich habe das auch absichtlich nicht veröffentlicht, weil ich nicht unbedingt bekannt werden möchte. Aber jetzt dachte ich, es ist mal Zeit, euch alles zu erzählen. Ich habe genau gesagt mal Lust dazu. Also: der Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels war auf der Suche nach einem Namen für den Internationalen Buchpreis. Und tja.... wer ist im Moment so ganz international beschäftigt und hat einen wunderschönen Namen? Ich. Sie haben sich dann an mich gerichtet und ich war natürlich ganz stolz dass sie meinen Namen benutzen wollten. Es ist ja auch ein sehr sehr schöner Name, sag mal selber ne? Und schau mal selber wie schön das Markenzeichen geworden ist:

    Schöööööön, oder?

    Jetzt hier, auf diese Weise, möchte ich ein paar Leuten danken: Danke Papa, danke Mama für meinen Namen und danke Oma, dass ich nach dir benannt bin. Ich habe euch lieb! Und vielen Dank auch an die Wise Guys denn sie sind an allem schuld.


    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Poffertjes bakken

    What will you do if your friends give you this for your birthday.... Poffertjes pastry mix!! MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!!! Really easy, just add milk and eggs and make poffertjes!!!!

    I really like poffertjes, it always reminds me of a restaurant in Gouda where we used to go quite often when I was a little kid. There, we ate pancakes or poffertjes, and you could see a man baking your poffertjes, and he was so very quick turning them around!! Amazing!
    Wait! [...]
    *searching* [...]
    They have an internetpage!
    The restaurant is called De Poffertjeskraam. Check out the pictures, wow. I wanna go there again! Oh, and you should really watch these movies!!! Especially where the poffertjes are being turned. I really don't know how he does it!

    Ok, sorry. Offtopic. I've never made poffertjes myself, because I don't have a poffertjes-pan. So I just decided to buy one. For else, this gift would be useless. And, it was an special offer at Trekpleister this week anyway. Only 5,50 euro :) And with this pan, I can make 15!! poffertjes at once. Haha.

    And this is what it looks like. We found out the pan needs to be really hot, and you've got to use a lot of butter. Our first try was terrible, the pastry was burned to the pan right away and we couldn't turn the poffertjes over. Our second try was better, and we made many many poffertjes. We first took only half of the package flour, but soon added all. The package says it's good for 150 poffertjes........would that be too much? Eh... yes. But 75 was too little.

    Here they are turned over. Mmmmmm, doesn't it look yummie yet? After making a batch of pancakes we ate them, before they got cold. So while I was making the next 15, Martin was eating his 15, then I ate mine and Martin could make his next 15 poffertjes *lol* and so on and so on. What a team work. We hardly had any time making some pictures in between. Add a lot of icing sugar and enjoy! Forget about the vegetables and fruit and healthy vitamines. This is delicious!

    By the way, according to the paper that we got together with the poffertjes-pan, the English word for poffertjes is "Dutch pancakes". The German is "Holländische Kräpfchen" and the French word is "Beignets Hollandais". Does this mean poffertjes is something really Dutch? I didn't know!

    To all my friends who don't live in the Netherlands: If you want to make poffertjes at home, check out this website and get started. Don't you think it's amazing what things you can buy online these days?? Don't we all love the internet! ;)

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Volley adventures (2)

    Won the game tonight, 3-2 victory!
    But we didn't play that well actually. We should have won the game with 4-0....
    But anyway...

    Funny detail:
    After the game was over, the arbitrator/referee (?) comes over to me and asks me: "From where did they get you?" I took that as a compliment ;)

    (I've been playing in this club since summer '04, and I'm in this team since januari '05, but I've been playing volleyball from my 6th untill my 16th when I was living with my parents.)

    Now I'm pretty tired, but I won't be able to sleep soon I guess. Balls are still flying through my mind. The screaming "I get it!!!" "YES" "GO!!" etc. is still echoing in my ears. I love this sport :)
    But I need to go to sleep cause tomorrow I have to work. Good night.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Muddled thoughts

    Sometimes I'm wondering about my purpose here on earth. Why am I here? What do I matter? What is this life good for? What's the purpose of life? If I wander on for a while I feel really terrible, useless, small and innocent. Imagine yourself, in your home, in your country, in this world. Imagine earth in space, which goes on and on forever. Take a look at the stars and think about the infinity of the universe. Don't you feel small and useless? Ok, I don't think about that too often. It depresses me sometimes. But for some of the questions I just wrote down, I do have an anwser.

    Right now I'm enjoying the autumns prettiness a lot, together with a terrible cold, a lot of sneezing and coughing, ok.... But it is a beautiful season, right? I love the colours in the trees, especially when the sun is shining, which it does a lot lateley.

    @lena: Mein Herbst vor meinem Fenster ;)

    (naja, nicht direct vor meinem Fenster, aber doch nahebei).

    I'm also enjoying the fact I'm living in such a prosperous country. What is this life good for? Enjoying it! I'm enjoying the fact I can do (almost) anything I like. Just take a look at my lists of concerts I'm going to visit this year. OK, I know people with a much much longer list.... Martin and I have a lovely house, a beautiful life. I'm wealthy! .... eh.... well, not really, but wealthy enough to live life the way I like it. And I want to keep it that way.

    Why am I writing this down?
    *thinking really hard*
    OK, I know. I've got to get active to find myself a new job, for my recent job is going to end on 31-12-2005. Damn it!!!!!!
    I don't think I'll be as happy as I am now if I don't find myself a job for 2006. So, if I want to stay happy I'll have to find myself a job. Can it be clearer?
    Then why am I not motivated at all?
    Because I want to keep my recent job.

    What will I do now?
    Yeah, I know. I'm going to order the RHB Live CD right away. 'Cause I've been too busy to do that last week. And I'm going to reconsider this job-thing tomorrow again.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Warum sind Flamingos rosa? und eine nervige Dose Hustenpastillen

    Gestern hatten wir mal wieder Lust spazieren zu gehen. Zusammen mit Martins Mutter und seine Schwester sind wir nach Zwillbrock gefahren. Weil das in Deutschland liegt, nochmal ein Bericht hier auf Deutsch *hehe* (lena, könntest du vielleicht nochmal korrigieren?)

    Das Zwillbrocker Venn ist ein schönes Gebiet wo ganz viele Vögel leben: verschiedene Sorten Enten, Möwen und Gänse, Haubentaucher (mein absoluter Lieblingsvogel), Kormorane und eben Flamingos! Ich hatte immer gedacht Flamingos leben nur im Tiergarten oder in ganz warmen Ländern, aber hier leben sie auch. Aber eigentlich kann man sie nur im Sommer oft sehen. Im Moment halten sie sich wahrscheinlich schon in ihren Überwinterungsquartieren im südwestlichen Holland auf, denn wir haben sie nicht gesehen. Wüsstest du eigentlich warum Flamingos rosa sind? Sie erhalten ihre ausgefallene Farbe durch ihre Nahrung (vor allem Kleinkrebse).

    Der Spaziergang war sehr schön. Ich liebe die Geräusche im Wald, die Vögel und den Wind in den Bäumen. Das Wetter war toll, die Sonne schien immer noch und es war warm. Und das am 15. Oktober! Es war wie Sommer! Aber, die Natur sieht schon ganz herbstig aus. Wir haben - wie immer - ganz viele Bilder gemacht. Vor allem Bilder von den schönen Herbstfarben. Wow! Wir haben viele Pilze gesehen. Rote mit weißen Tupfen, braune, und weiße Pilze. Gelbe, rote und braune Blätter flogen durch die Luft. Echt Herbst!

    Mehr über Zwillbrock findest du hier.

    Nachdem der Spaziergang zu Ende war sind wir nach Hause gefahren und ich hab den ganzen Rückweg im Auto geschlafen. Denn eigentlich bin ich ein bischen krank. Ich habe ziemliche Halsschmerzen und bin total müde. Wir sind dann zu Martins Mutter nach Hause gefahren und da hab ich weiter geschlafen bis zum Abendessen. Danach sind wir nach Hause gefahren. Heute geht es mir gut, aber meine Stimme ist fast weg. Ich kann kaum reden und das Husten tut so weh. Aaaarg.... ich will nicht krank sein, ich soll doch auch morgen wieder arbeiten gehen! Ich glaube, ich werde heute nichts mehr machen. Ich bleibe zu Hause und trinke Tee und esse Hustenpastillen. Öhm... wenn´s klappt. Denn ich hatte ganz leckere Hustenpastillen, aber die Dose ist ein bisschen nervig.... Auf der Rückseite steht: "Deksel met een lichte draaibeweging openen" (Deckel mit leichte Drehbewegung öffnen). Aber das klappt nicht!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Folge, mit Gewalt geöffnet: